Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fuck you and your Chalk

(Photo is from the AP via ESPN)

Now thats more like it.

I hope Tampa ruined your bracket, I really do. Especially all of you who take no risks when you fill out your picks. Chalkers suck. If you don't have the balls to even take a 12 seed, then you deserve to be "Tampa'd."

In the memory of Valparaiso, I congratulate you destroyers of brackets. I raise my non-existent glass to you Western Kentucky, and to you Villanova. Oh, and let's not forget Siena and San Diego. You may have killed two of my Sweet-16 teams, but giant slaying is what March is all about. Without the occasional mind blowing upset, we would all be stuck watching mid-season NBA basketball (Fuck you Skip Bayless, it's so boring even the players would rather watch something else).

And in the memory of Boise Regionals gone-by, I congratulate the St. Pete Times Forum for giving us this March bounty of teams we will forget and players from whom we'll never hear from again.

Now can we get back to sanity so my bracket can survive till next weekend?

And, as always until they are knocked out, Fuck Duke

(possibly a non-basketball post from me next time)

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